March 15, 2003
5:50 p.m.

Right now I feel The current mood of at

400th Entry, and the last one.

Note to my regular readers: I decided to make my 400th entry my last entry, sorry about that. I was going to write another letter to my dad, but he knows what I have to say already. We had a long talk about it all last night in a dream.

Welcome to my diary.

I no longer write here, because it has long since been time for me to move on. But I'm leaving all of my old entries up, just in case someone decides one day that they want to read them.

These are entries about me:
04/01/02: About Me
05/02/02: 101 Things About RaeAnne
11/17/02: Pics of Me!

These are some favorite entries of mine:
03/28/02: Beginnings
04/27/02: You don't need a key tonight
05/22/02: An Evolution of Sorts
05/28/02: I quit
09/30/02: Fart Lady Strikes Again (and Again and Again and Again)
11/04/02: Cubicle Commentary

These are some favorite entries that other people have listed:
07/20/02: For Shame
12/26/02: unsure
11/19/02: I'm so screwed up
09/06/02 I have someone's heart in my pocket
07/10/02: Family

These are entries about my ex-fiance, Ben:
11/20/02: Ben
04/09/02: Conversation with Ben
05/19/02: please help me
11/22/02: ...But this is what I want now

These are entries about my dad:
05/17/02: Talking to the Dead
06/11/02: I miss you
06/16/02: Father's Day
06/19/02: Just thoughts
08/09/02: Something to think about
11/11/02: Lest We forget
11/12/02: Happy Birthday, Dad!
05/17/02: It's not like I thought it would be

Of course you can also read my reviews or take some quizzes that I've amassed. The guestbook isn't open, but you can leave a note or email me if you want to get in touch or find out where I've gone. :)

Again thanks for stopping by, and thank you to everyone who has read this diary over the last year. It's been fun.


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